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  • CHC Sheffield - Barnsley & Rotherham Business Award Winners 2019
  • Design

    Using our vast experience of casting knowledge hand in hand with the latest CAD technologies we can work alongside you with the design of the parts to achieve the product your requirement desires and in a casting friendly design.

  • Manufacturing

    As a market leading foundry with capabilities for manufacturing both ferrous and non-ferrous castings you can be rest assured that you are in safe hands with Charles H Coward Ltd.

    CHC Sheffield

    Our facilities as a one-stop-shop for castings offers you a complete supply solution, from fettling to polishing our in-house surface finishing and engineering departments will turn yours castings into finished end products.

    CHC Sheffield

Our Business

Charles H Coward Ltd group is a family run foundry business originating and based in Sheffield that specialises in the manufacture of both ferrous and non-ferrous castings for a worldwide network of industries.

The company, now in its 3rd generation of the family ownership, is continuously building on its solid reputation for producing high quality for over 50 years and has everything in place to meet modern day requirements with artisan skills. From rapid 3D prototyping and pattern making through to varying casting methods and CNC machining – CHC really is the ideal one-stop-shop for your castings requirements.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Reviews

20 Years Fine Service

Griffin have been working with Charles H Coward Ltd for about 20 years now. From originally purchasing Cowards stock Cresting and Finials to now manufacturing our own castings for us. They have always been helpful, thorough and great at producing a high-quality product. It is often the first thing p...

Paul Smith

Griffin Glasshouses
Aug 5, 2022

Going Above and Beyond

Hartley Botanic have been working now with C.H Coward Ltd for a number of years, what has always impressed us is their commitment, dedication and their ability to deliver on-time, even when our requirements go above and beyond the standard.  


Hartley Botanic
Jul 21, 2022

Our Casting Capabilities

Sand Casting

Globally recognised for our skill

Sand casting is one of the oldest and most widely used metal casting skills and ours are recognised by customers across the globe. [read more…]

Gravity Die Casting

Dedicated die casting zone

Our casting design consultants will work with you to design a die that will deliver results time after time and is as cost effective as possible. [read more…]
CHC Sheffield Pressure Die Casting

Pressure Die Casting

Die casting with accuracy

If you want high volume castings with a high level of dimensional accuracy in aluminium or zinc then our Pressure Die casting plant is the answer. [read more…]

Green Sand Moulding

Rapid prototyping and small batches

Green Sand moulding is ideal for small batch quantities where the complex shapes require hand crafted moulds to find a suitable joint lines and further jointing for intricate core assembly. [read more…]

CHC Sheffield Lost Wax Casting

Lost Wax Casting

Versatility and integrity in a variety of metals

Investment casting is an industrial process based on lost-wax casting is one of the oldest known metal-forming techniques, from its earliest form where beeswax was used to make the patterns through to today where complex compound waxes are used and recycled. [read more…]

Shell Core

Quality castings, in house

Being self-sufficient provides complete control over the quality of your castings so production of cores is always carried out in house.

Our Engineering and Finishing Capabilities

CHC Sheffield CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Completely Machined Castings

To provide a complete one stop engineering solution we can provide completely machined castings using our Haas CNC machining centres. [read more…]
CHC Sheffield Conventional Machining

Conventional Machining

Doing it Old-School

Our team of skilled machinists in this department can provide accurate machined finishing to your castings whatever it may be. [read more…]

CHC Sheffield Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting

For a uniform surface finish

After careful fettling all our castings have the option of being put through our Sisson Lehmann shot blasting machine. [read more…]
CHC Sheffield Polishing & Plating

Polishing & Plating

It’s not just how you start; it’s how you finish too.

Offering high quality plated surface finishes, and high mirror finish polishing or satin finish from our industry served silversmith polishers. [read more…]

CHC Sheffield Powder Coating & Painting

Powder Coating & Painting

In gloss or matt finishes.

Our power coating facility allows us to supply castings painted uniformly, after shot balsting and etching. [read more…]
CHC Sheffield Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment & Impregantion

From vacuum treatment and oil/water quenching, Flame Hardening and Annealing to vacuum pressure impregnation, we’re equiped to treat your products to your requirements. [read more…]

From design to manufacture Charles H. Coward Ltd. will be with you every step of the way.

CHC Sheffield Design


Development in consultation with our design team ensures that not only will the item be functional but, complimentary to the most efficient production processes. This can prevent costly modifications and our skilled team are on hand to design perfection.
CHC Sheffield Prototype


We’re at the cutting edge for prototyping new ideas utilizing the latest in 3D CAD modelling software and 3D printing in various materials. Our qualified design engineers can work to produce a prototype that will easily convert to full scale production.


Our broad manufacturing options are all housed under one roof and the multi-disciplined design consultants can work to provide direction on the best route to give you a cost effective solution that rewards you with great castings time and again.
CHC Sheffield Quality

ISO 9001:2015

Quality is a word often tossed around without much thought, but not at C H Cowards. Since day one we train all our staff to take pride in their work and see it as the skilled craft that it is. Our customers buy from us time after time because we care enough to get it right.

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