Charles H Coward Ltd manufactures a wide range of aluminium alloys using sand, gravity die and pressure die casting processes for both engineering and architectural applications. Different alloys provide different properties and our expertise in metallurgy means we can work with you to determine the best specification for your needs. Our total melting capacity is 2500kg and typically we produce items the following allots:

LM4 – Popular alloy for sand, gravity and pressure die cast engineering components; cylinder heads, manifolds, engine mounts, gear boxes, etc.

LM6 – Sand and die casting alloy, particularly used for thin-walled intricate castings also offers excellent resistance to corrosion under both ordinary atmospheric and marine conditions.

LM13 – This alloy shows high resistance to corrosion under atmospheric conditions. Good for gravity die casting used commonly in pistons.

LM25 – This heat-treated alloy has good machining properties whilst resistance to corrosive attack by sea water and marine atmospheres is high. Great for sand casting and gravity die casting for a high integrity product when typically heat treated to TF condition. Typically used in automotive industry but also in high end engineering.

LM27 – Is a very versatile alloy used for general purpose castings requiring moderate strength and mechanical properties. It is ideal for both sand casting and gravity die casting, slightly superior to LM4 and used throughout similar applications.

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In compliance with our ISO accreditations all our casting materials are obtained from trusted and sustainable suppliers with full tractability and certification being a key supply feature we offer to all our customers.

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