Sand Casting

Sand casting is one of the oldest and most widely used metal casting skills and our team are recognized by customers across the globe for our ingenuity and ability in this area.

Our sand casting plant houses some of the most advanced equipment available for the continuous and seamless production of high integrity castings.

Using varying fine grades of sand and the correct computer controlled levels of hardening resins means that we have the ability release the correct amount of fine detailed facing sand and then back fill with reclaimed sands to build the moulds, this ensures that wastage is kept to a minimum and sand reclamation is as environmentally efficient as possible.

Our six state of the art aluminium melting furnaces have a total capacity in excess of 2500kg – with an achievable individual sand casting weight of around 70kg – giving us great flexibility on the size of work we can undertake and along with their ability for continuous melting throughout the day we can achieve extremely competitive prices and lead-times.

Suitable of producing one off intricate detailed castings through to multiple impression regular running medium to large quantity work, Sand casting is an extremely cost effective means of production.

CHC Sheffield

Our abilities to manufacture castings using a variety of highly skilled production methods is one of the many reasons for us being a foundry market leader – for a quick and easy no-obligation quotation please click here to submit your enquiry.

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