From a small workshop in the industrial backstreets of Sheffield to a worldwide supplier of cast metal products Charles H Coward Ltd group of companies has a rich heritage of growth which still continues today

  • 1948


    From Humble Beginnings

    In 1948 the original Charles H Coward company was incorporated and the legacy began

  • 1979

    Randall Street Works

    Following redundancy from a local foundry Peter Hogan and son Peter Hogan junior open Hogan Brothers & Sons at Randall Street Works, Sheffield and this became the start of the family business as it is well known and recognised to the present day.



  • 1980


    Harrods Commission

    After a short period of working with a local silversmith company in Sheffield the company had a table silverware job commissioned from Harrods of London on behalf of the Sultan of Brunei

  • 1982

    Our First Big Move

    Relocation to larger premises on Bowling Green Street, Sheffield and the employment of the first full time staff outside of the family.



  • 1985


    UK Government Commission

    Hogan Brothers & Sons commissioned bronze number 10 membership medal work from the current UK Government

  • 1988

    A Busy Year

    Amalgamation with neighbouring foundry Charles H Coward Ltd and at the same time adopting the trading name from Hogan Brothers & Sons to Charles H Coward Ltd.
    In the same year, we relocated for further expansion to Cupola Street, Sheffield, a much larger foundry with increased work space as well as office and warehousing space for the first time.



  • 1992


    The Group Grows

    Conservatory Cast Systems

    Conservatory Cast Systems Ltd developed as a manufacturer and supplier for cast components for varying conservatory and window companies world wide, has since grown to become a key supplier into some of the worlds leading window and conservatory manufacturers and have a global customer base.


  • 1996

    And Continues To Grow

    Local company and long term business partners South Yorkshire Aluminium Die Casting incorporated into the company and relocated for in-house die castings manufacturing capabilities



  • 1999


    On The Move

    Relocation to the current, larger premises on Ecclesfield Road, Sheffield (a former concrete shapes manufacturing facility) was required by CHC as the company was growing and employing at rapid speed

  • 2000

    A New Millenium

    Alongside traditional green sand moulding the company decided that investment & installation of modern air set moulding lines was critical for the continuing growth of the business, opening up our manufacturing capabilities to larger jobs both quantity and sizes.



  • 2001


    Another Group Member

    Pastal Ltd, a Doncaster based architectural aluminium sales operation, renound for its involvement with work with local councils and shopping centres, incorporated in to the ever growing CHC family business.

  • 2010

    The Growth Continues

    Following years of being a successful business partner and friend of the company, Staveley Cast Products Ltd is incorporated into the CHC Group and secured its continued supply of ferrous castings into the rail network, steel industries and the UK’s water boards.



  • 2012


    More Growth & Investment

    Hogan & Sons Ltd, a company for new projects and research and development work is born and incorporated in to CHC, at the same time large investment & installation of new surface finishing machinery and equipment for the foundry is undertaken to further improve the quality and overall supply of castings.

  • 2013

    Aiming High

    Pro-Shot Catapults

    From a garage project to becoming the worlds largest manufacturer of cast metal catapults Proshot Catapults is now internationally recognised for the quality of products manufactured and sold globally for hunting and target sports incorporated into the CHC Group.




  • 2014


    Made In Sheffield

    Became a member of the world recognised and respected Made In Sheffield group of companies made famous internationally as a mark of origin and quality on the City’s manufactured products


  • 2014


    Blast Parts Media (BPM) Ltd, stockholder and supplier of shot blasting abrasives and equipment incorporated in to the CHC Group



  • 2016


    New Furnaces

    Investment & installation of 8 new energy efficient non-ferrous continuous melting furnaces was made to increase the manufacturing capacity, a move that instantly saw the company roughly double its material output per month.

  • 2017

    Major Investors

    Significant Investment of Shareholdings in AC Supplies & Tech Cast Products



  • 2018


    Further Investment

    Investment & installation of a second induction furnace to increase capacity.

    Investment & installation of new dust extraction machinery.

  • 2019


    Winner of the Barnsley & Rotherham Chamber Award for Excellence in Manufacturing. The award was largely awarded as recognition to the companies growth and commitment to modernization, including the new rapid prototyping service developed by the company which marries the latest in 3D design and printing technologies with some of the foundries oldest manufacturing techniques – a process we fondly and jokingly know as our “dinosaurs and droids” process.



  • 2020


    Acquisition of Photocast Products Ltd

    The CHC family welcomes its newest member to the group with the acquisition of long term business friends Photocast Products Ltd in Liverpool. Photocast Products are recognized worldwide for the production of high quality zinc. magnesium, cast aluminium and cast bronze decorative, architectural and interpretive signage.

  • 2020

    Winner of the Yorkshire Family Business of the Year

    An absolutely remarkable result as Charles H Coward Ltd is named the 2020 Yorkshire Family Business of the Year. During the same awards CHC Group was also named 2nd in Yorkshire Peoples Vote and finished in the top 12 in the UK Manufacturing category.



  • 2021


    Growing Again

    Record company investment made to increase out sand mixing and moulding capabilities from 3 tonne an hour to 8 tonne and hour creating 3 new jobs in the process. At the same time we increased our bronze melting capacity from 100kg up to 180kg and overhead lifting equipment to help manage all this.

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