Copper Based Alloys

With Copper as their principal component bronze and brass castings by nature have a high resistance against corrosion and wear. Other elements are what separate the two and give them their own unique properties, the Tin in Bronze further increases the corrosion resistance and tensile strength and the Zinc in Brass again increases the tensile strength of the material as well as aiding with thermal conductivity.

With a total melting capacity of 300kg on site and an achievable individual casting weight around 60kg the typical materials what we manufacture with are:

Leaded Gunmetal (LG2 & LG4) has excellent machinability and great wear resistance with a high resistance to corrosion. This makes it a great all round option often used wear pressure tightness is required such as valve and pump bodies. It also is ideal for decorative plaques and will produce a high quality polished surface.

Phosphor Bronze (PB1 & PB2) have a good resistance to cold, corrosion and sea water but are great for use where high mechanical strength and high fatigue strength are needed. Typical applications include load gears and worm drives that have some high speeds as well as high loads. It also performs well under impact and loading so we’re often casting bushes, bearings and impellers in these metals.

Aluminium Bronze (AB2 & AB3) which has very high strength, wear and is highly corrosion resistant. A key feature is also its ability to perform through a temperature range of -200c to 200c. High strength cast bushes and cast bearings typically used in aerospace applications are a common casting.

High Tensile Brass (HTB3) is an option for engineering castings where high wear resistance and high load bearings are encountered.

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In compliance with our ISO accreditations all our casting materials are obtained from trusted and sustainable suppliers with full tractability and certification being a key supply feature we offer to all our customers.

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