Green Sand Moulding

The traditional green sand moulding lines at our business are the foundations from which we were built – producing silverware castings in the early days through to this day the MD still tells us of his skill in completing the “tea cup and spoon” challenge that all skilled apprentices were required to master during their apprenticeships.

Green Sand moulding is ideal for small batch quantities where the complex shapes require hand crafted moulds to find a suitable joint lines and further jointing for intricate core assembly.

Predominately used for bronze casting work that require a high surface finish the green sand bench is always dressed with an array of loose patterns awaiting their manufacture – from model railway components to decorative bronze plaques.

This way of manufacturing did fall out of favour when more modern forms of production were introduced such as resin bonded sands and automated moulding lines however here at CHC we have always kept on with a small production this way.

These days we also use this method of moulding in our rapid prototyping service – where we take a 3D CAD model, 3D print a model pattern in plastic and then produce the green sand mould from this pattern. This process is jokingly known in our foundry as the “dinosaur and droids” process.

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