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The design & development of castings can be a complex web of suitable radius, draft angles, undercuts, heavy sections and many more unforeseen issues. Commonly known as the “draftsman’s dreams” not every casting is as simple as may be first thought – our expertise in design, manufacturing and methoding is the key reason why here at Charles H Coward Ltd you are in safe hands.

Using our vast experience of casting knowledge hand in hand with the latest Solidworks CAD technology we can help with the design of the parts to give you the product you desire, in a casting friendly design.

From here we can use both CAD and experience to predict and confirm the metal flow analysis to ensure the casting will cast as we expect and hopefully eradicate any potential production issues we may encounter – other options at this stage is to produce dimensional reports, show true metal thicknesses and where we can potentially improve the design yet further.

Once the analysis has been done it’s time to give you a realistic image of how the casting will look and perform – we do this using our Solidworks Visualise package. This can give you a real life image of the part for use prior to manufacture – we have seen these images used to promote the products, sell the idea but more importantly bring to life the original idea.

Finally the files that we can produce form this modelling work are used in the manufacturing of the tooling, whether that be imported into the CNC cutting of wood or die tooling or to create working dimensional drawings for our traditional pattern makers to work form – this form of technical drawing can also produce machining drawings where required.

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From design to delivery Charles H Coward Ltd will be with you every step of the way. Click here to find out more on how we can help with your design and development projects.

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