Patterns & Tooling

Sand Cast Tooling

Sand Cast tooling can be manufactured in various ways, whether it be simple wooden model pattern equipment for small batch or complex production or multiple impression patterns in frames for regular production we have it covered.

All our sand cast tooling is manufactured using sustainably sourced woods, high quality resins and is the most economical of tooling options.

Gravity Die Cast Tooling

CAD design is once again used for the production of single or multiple impression gravity die tooling that we manufacture, materials such as cast iron or steel are used to form the permanent moulds and this is then machined and assembled to produce the working tooling.

We aim to keep all our gravity die tooling manually operated with the aid of rack and pinion opening and closing systems however where required we can introduce varying degrees of automation depending on production rates required.

Pressure Die Cast Tooling

High pressure die tooling is manufactured using tool steel that has been treated to provide the hardness and durability that is required in the automated casting process. Once again the tooling can be single or multi impression.

Dies can also be manufactured as standalone units or a system that is known as a bolster system, this is where a main framework of the tooling is manufactured to house smaller inserts plates, and so instead of manufacturing numerous full tools we only produce the one main tool housing and a number of bolster plates. This can be extremely cost effective if you require a number of similar sized components.

Our pressure die tooling is externally sauced and manufactured by trusted tooling partners who we have a long working relationship with and who know how we and our equipment work.

CHC Sheffield

Produced both in-house and externally by trusted suppliers, all our CNC and traditional tooling and patterns are produced using the finest quality sustainable materials available.

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