Rapid Prototyping

Moving on from the design and development stages we can then take your projects to that next step with working cast prototypes giving you the ability to get hands on and see the idea become reality.

The prototype castings we produce are also suitable to be used to prove a concept, ensure dimensional accuracy and give you a physical fitting solution for fitting parts.

Using new age methods such as 3D printing and CNC cutting techniques we can create model tooling suitable for prototyping – then with our traditional green sand moulding skills we can create mould from this tooling ready for the casting production in ferrous or non-ferrous materials.

We joking call this our “dinosaurs and droids” process as it uses the latest in 3D CAD & CAM printing technologies hand in hand with one of the oldest forms of sand cast moulding.

We have seen great success with our prototyping service over the years – with customers seeing a reduction in initial set up costs and also avoiding the requirement for expensive tooling modifications later down the line meaning that the process is extremely cost effective for you the customer.

We can also work with your budgets on design and prototyping projects with the option to recover the costs involved in this process back against the final tooling charges once the project becomes live with ourselves, for more information on this please contact one of our sales team.

CHC Sheffield

Our “dinosaurs & droids” process takes the latest in 3D printing technologies hand in hand with traditional moulding skills to achieve practical cast working samples for customers trials and approval.

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