The application for cast iron are expansive and we pride ourselves on the ability to produce one off / small batch castings through to regular running batch work. We also operate a separate track and floor casting for larger scale production giving us economies of scale to ensure we offer competitive lead times and prices. Operating at up to 1000kg below are the common materials we manufacture:

Gray Iron (200/220/250) Grey iron is one of the most versatile and most commonly used of all irons worldwide. Grey iron offers excellent machinability and strength lending itself to a wide range of applications from heritage rail through to gas and oil industries.

Ductile SG Irons (420-12/500-7) SG Iron also known ductile iron, is a type of cast iron developed to copy the key qualities of mild steel. SG iron has much more impact and fatigue resistance compared to grey iron due to its nodular graphite formation. This material offers itself perfectly to automated machine components, intricate forms and decorative uses.

High Chrome Iron (Commonly 28%) Used widely with cast wear parts this material was developed to give the key wear resistance that other irons cannot offer. Heat Treatment of this material can increase the Brinell hardness further if required. Common uses include crusher teeth, surface finishing machine equipment and slurry pump impellers.

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In compliance with our ISO accreditations all our casting materials are obtained from trusted and sustainable suppliers with full tractability and certification being a key supply feature we offer to all our customers.

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