Shell Moulding

If you require parts with a high dimensional accuracy but perhaps not the volume to consider die casting, then shell moulding provides an ideal solution.

A shell mould is produced from a metal pattern and fine sand is baked on to create a thin walled and highly accurate shell. Two parts of the shell are formed, cope and drag, in the process and are closed and set with a resin glue.

This shell can then be filled in a similar way to the sand casting process

to produce castings in aluminium, brass, bronze and iron. The shells are non-recyclable but are made in a mechanised process on our Super Simplex dual moulding machine. This allows for a reasonably large volume of castings with a higher accuracy than normal sand casting to be made.

We build our products with precision and care, to represent our core values.


Development in consultation with our design team ensures that not only will the item be functional but, complimentary to the most efficient production processes. This can prevent costly modifications and our skilled team are on hand ensuring design perfection.


We’re at the cutting edge for prototyping new ideas utilizing the latest in 3D CAD modelling software and 3D printing in various materials. Our qualified design engineers can work to produce a prototype that will easily convert to full scale production.


Our broad manufacturing options are all housed under one roof and the multi-disciplined design consultants can work to provide direction on the best route to give you a cost effective solution that rewards you with great castings time and again.


Quality is a word often tossed around without much thought, but not at C H Cowards. Since day one we train all our staff to take pride in their work and see it as the skilled craft that it is. Our customers buy from us time after time because we care enough to get it right.