Sand Casting and Pattern Production

Sand casting is one of the oldest and most widely used metal casting skills and our team are recognized by customers across the globe for our ingenuity and ability in this area.

Our sand casting plant houses some of the most advanced equipment available for the continuous and seamless production of high integrity castings. When working in consultation with our qualified design engineers we’ll ensure that we produce the most efficient patterns available. We can use the latest laser scanning techniques, 3d CAD modelling, 3d printing and CNC pattern production to save time, money and eliminate complication. If your needs are more simple our skilled pattern makers are also equally equipped to produce one of traditional patterns boxed or loose model and undertake all manner of pattern repairs or modifications.

Using a fine grain of sand and the correct computer controlled levels of hardening resins means we produce fine details and high levels of accuracy for your parts. Our state of the art reclamation system ensures we keep your castings at the highest levels whilst managing base costs effectively. It’s also a large part of our plan to continually minimise environmental impact from the foundry industry through recycling our by-products effectively and reducing land fill.

We build our products with precision and care, to represent our core values.


Development in consultation with our design team ensures that not only will the item be functional but, complimentary to the most efficient production processes. This can prevent costly modifications and our skilled team are on hand ensuring design perfection.


We’re at the cutting edge for prototyping new ideas utilizing the latest in 3D CAD modelling software and 3D printing in various materials. Our qualified design engineers can work to produce a prototype that will easily convert to full scale production.


Our broad manufacturing options are all housed under one roof and the multi-disciplined design consultants can work to provide direction on the best route to give you a cost effective solution that rewards you with great castings time and again.


Quality is a word often tossed around without much thought, but not at C H Cowards. Since day one we train all our staff to take pride in their work and see it as the skilled craft that it is. Our customers buy from us time after time because we care enough to get it right.