Where Would We Be Without Iron?

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The application for cast iron are expansive and we produce small one off architectural or replica castings for items such as motorbikes or historic bridges.  We also operate a separate track for larger scale production giving us economies of scale to ensure we offer competitive lead times and prices.  Operating at up to 1000kg and all in sand casting covering all the common derivatives such as Ductile SG, Grey Iron, Malleable, High Chrome, Ni Hard, Ni Resist and Pearlitic.

Iron Facts

Symbol: Fe
Electrons per shell:
2, 8, 14, 2
Melting Point: 1,538 °C
Atomic mass: 55.845 u ± 0.002 u
Atomic number: 26
Electron configuration: [Ar] 3d64s2
Boiling point: 2,862 °C

Our Services

Casting Abilities

Pressure Casting
Die casting with accuracy
If you want high volume castings with a high level of dimensional accuracy in aluminium or zinc then our Pressure Die casting plant is the answer.
Shell Moulding
High Dimensional Accuracy
If you require parts with a high dimensional accuracy but perhaps not the volume to consider die casting, then shell moulding provides an ideal solution.
Shell Core Products
Quality castings, in house
Being self-sufficient provides complete control over the quality of your castings so production of cores is always carried out in house.
Sand Casting & Pattern Production
Globally recognised for our skill
Sand casting is one of the oldest and most widely used metal casting skills and ours are recognised by customers across the globe.
Gravity Die Casting & Tooling
Dedicated die casting zone
Our casting design consultants will work with you on your products to design a die that will deliver results time after time and is as cost effective as possible.

Engineering and Finishing

Shot Blasting
For a uniform surface finish
After careful fettling all our castings have the option of being put through our Sisson Lehmann shot blasting machine.
CNC Machining
Completely Machined Castings
To provide a complete one stop engineering solution we can provide completely machined castings using our Haas CNC machining centres.
Powder Coating
In gloss or matt finishes.
Our power coating facility allows us to supply castings painted uniformly, after shot balsting and etching.
Rumbling & Polishing
De-burr and shine!
Castings that may need to be handled are part of assembly or form part of a decorative item can be rumbled to de-burr the surfaces.
Heat Treatment, HiP & Impregnation
Make me stronger!
We perform heat treatment in a highly controlled environment to ensure that the casting retains its original shape without cracking.
Conventional Machining
Castings accurately finished
Simple conventional machining operations are also easily performed by our skilled machinists, to provide an accurate finishing to your castings.